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Creative design agency Pulse, enlisted the services of Derritek to head-up the audio visual design, and deployment of the interactive displays and IT infrastructure throughout Emirates airlines brand new 'Infinite Possibilities' exhibition stand. Due to appear at the ITB travel show in Berlin, and the ATM in Dubai for the next 5 years, the stand provides Emirates with the opportunity to showcase their industry leading products and services to the travel industry, and to build relations with new business customers.

With a diameter of 12 metres and a height of 8.5 metres, it's like a building within a building consisting of 10 meeting rooms/offices, business lounge, bar and serviced kitchens. All areas are linked via a network infrastructure providing the backbone to support a voip phone system and 5Ghz Wifi. The ground floor consists of various interactive touch screen displays containing information about Emirates seating classes, and special on-board services such as the lounge bar and shower spa for premium class customers. Also included is a virtual reality experience and a bespoke meeting management system, providing business customers with the ability to pre-book their meetings via a cloud based platform.

The biggest challenge on this project was to design the AV systems and supporting infrastructure in such a way that it can handle the constant build and derig process as the stand tours from one show to the next. Another important feature was to specify equipment and software design methods that can easily evolve to support any changes that Emirates wish to make throughout the life-cycle of the stand.